some guy talking about laura.  things she’s been up to, people she’s met, what she’s up to.  notices how after awhile, she’ll bring me up often.  nick turns and looks at me, physically saying “see?”

several buildings are being demoed.  airplanes fly over ahead, and one by one the buildings collapse.  a nearby building has collateral damage, contained lots of art.

several kids are playing in a swamp land close by.  kids pretending to shoot, other kids hiding.  one kid asks another why they smell like cats.  the kid replies, “because of my cat!”

people in the art building art heard being upset and talking about insurance.  water in the swamp land slowly rises.


run into room of old victorian style house, hold the arm of attractive female in tow.  we stumble unto the couch, while her father (ethan hawke?) and grandfather (stellan skarsgard?) were trying to explain my wormhole powers?  they are pinning important locations on a map while discussing different variables involved, while coming to the conclusion that it is possible.  grandfather and father leave the room, and thoughts of wormholes and powers drift away as those left straddle and become one with ideas of passion and desire.

The Survey

Driving around on a motorcycle, back and forth on a stretch of unused highway.  End up in a gravel parking lot and meet my friend Jason, who is a motorcycle enthusiast.  We catch up, talk about old times and enter a building.  The inside looks like our old office firm.

Inside I am in charge of giving out surveys.  The process involves answering a few questions, drinking a glass of flavored water, spitting the water back into a cup which is collected.  The people who took the test were as follows:  Unknown Male (possible Jason, but not sure), Unknown Female, Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen.  First two surveyors were complaint, Viggo was suspect but didn’t want much trouble and didn’t see much harm after I reassured everyone that the information would not go beyond the firm that had hired me, but Naomi was very defiant and annoyed that I had brought her here, as a friend, to do a survey, which seemed shady.

The questions on the survey were in regards to an experience involving a piece of land.

Viggo ate a baked fish, and we all laughed.

Muskets and Duct Tape

brad, jeff and i are doing something.  a knock on the backdoor– we check it out and people want to break in, a male and female.  we tell them that if they get in brad will bring out his guns.  they do manage to get in, so brad brings out this big old school musket, and they relent and retreat.  jeff hands me some duct tape, says “duct tape”, then leaves the room with brad.  i try to seal the door again, but the robber couple return, manage to break in after some time and take me hostage.

at some point i flashback into an earlier “memory” of the couple; we are walking a large area and everyone seems to recognize the couple and wants the female to sing.  she begins, and the whole area turns into some kind of modern type newsies musical.  the female and i consummate.

Sleeping with Maybe

i looked at them from across the room. there was a softness, a wanting. they led me to what we both desired. through the anxiety, the nervousness, the shyness we touched.

we slept and they smiled. may be. they snuggled against my chest. they sounded happy. when we separated, an X.

The Second Twin

i’m in a big terminal.  i’m waiting for the shuttle train to the final part of the airport/train.  i see the second twin in the distance.

the shuttle train arrives but there are huge lines to get on.  i’m carrying my usual luggage, and barely get on, but it’s on the last car, which is smaller than the rest and has a different layout.  strangely enough, there aren’t many people on this car.

the train arrives at the new terminal.  i walk around for awhile.  i see the second twin again.  i’m drawn in, and decide to loop around to get a closer look.  as i walk by, i realize it’s definitely her.  our eyes lock, i smile, but continue to walk.  i turn the corner and put my baggage down.

a little while later she comes by and sits down beside me.  we start talking about the old times.  at one point she starts crying, and i tell her it’s okay.  christy hugs me and cries some more.  no one else notices.

a few days later, i get a text that says “thank you”.  i call her, she’s at work, she thanks me again and i thank her.  we talk, and i smile.

Water Vortex

driving along country road, where people are talking about bridge jumping.  my unknown companion keeps reassuring people that he’ll jump.  we get to a bridge and there’s a huge water vortex underneath it.  we al agree that this is fucking crazy.

i get to ryans’ run, alex drives up in my car.  he asks where the hell i’ve been because he’s been calling me.  everyone has been calling me he says.  i apologize and check my phone and jump in the car, ready to go.  dad comes out and gets all pissed at us and says we can’t drive the car.  he says something like “why should i get three cars if you guys just do anything?”  i leave the car and go inside, not sure what’s going on.

dad isn’t home, i look around neighbourhood.  i find him across the street.  i’m asking if something is wrong, he resists but i tell him “c’mon, i want to know, i want to help”.  he apologizes for not saying anything and for telling us not to use the car, he says somethings wrong with it and it’s his fault; he installed something wrong.  i ask him where alex is and he tells me that alex is down the road.

i meet up with alex and he ain’t even mad, we’re just like what the fuck is going on.

Could Have Gone Fishing

went to europe, with alex and nick.  i only have 25 bucks.  nick and i borrow a ticket from alex, we are on the way to manchester on a train/bus.  i call mom saying i don’t want to be there.  she says “well, it’s too late.  we could have gone fishing instead”  i want to go fishing, and relent again that i don’t want to be there.  i have no money. we arrive at the community where we are staying.  i’m last on the bus and help a good looking woman with a few things getting off the bus.  we walk up the path to a pretty nice looking house.  i wake up.

Creatures and Phone Calls

i am in megan’s house, but it’s not her house. i walk down the hallway and see some strange looking creature that looks someone like a badger, but with a weird duck / platypus type face. in his mouth he is carrying something that looks like a dead squirrel, while he dances on a pile of dead carcasses that also look like squirrels.

i walk passed the strange badger creature into the kitchen. inside megan is doing some type of kitchen stuff, preparing some type of food. a cartoon mouse runs in the door, wearing jean overalls, and has a straw coming out of his mouse, looking like a country hick farmer. he is also wearing glasses. he hops on the counter, and then on top of the shelves, and winks at me.

i tell megan, “did you see that?” while pointing at the cartoon mouse. she looks at me and says, “sure, that’s juice.”. then i look back down the hallway and point to the strange badger creature and ask megan “and do you see that?”. she looks at me again and in an of-course-i-do voice tells me “yeah.”.

i walk into the living room area which has a large stone fireplace. the floor is flooded and mandy is trying to help clean up. mandy looks at me and says “we’ll, i’m going to stay here until everything is finished because it seems like people here aren’t helping.”. she then walks into the next room and i follow, asking what she meant by that comment, and i see that chris is sitting on one of those inflatable aero beds. i wave and he tells me what’s up. i turn around because i figure chris and mandy want to be alone.

as i walk back into the living room area i hear the phone ring, and chris catches up to me telling me that the call is for me. i pick up and say hello, but it’s all static so i walk around the house trying to get some good reception. i can’t really hear anything, but i can make out someone saying “fuck you,” and “i know that you’re trying to get it on with my girl.”.

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