i’m hanging out with jacquie. we are talking about various things, and within the conversation there is great emphasis that the client (Stockscams) is happy with the work i’ve done.

we laugh at various stories, while we wait for barry. she seems happy and smiles a lot.

Amusement Park

i am in amusement park. there is comfortable weather, and it’s not noisy. i am sitting on a park bench, looking at a rollercoaster. i look to the right and suzanne is sitting beside me. she tells me that she’s happy while my attention turns back to the rollercoaster in front of us. the i turn to the left and anele is sitting beside me. she tells me that i am happy while i continue to look at her.

she climbs up on my lap and throws arms around me. she whispers things in my ear that i don’t understand. she reaches under my shirt and into my pants to pleasure me. i reciprocate.

she tells me interpol is over there. i look behind us and see him waiting in line for the carousel. she pulls my hand and we walk into a tent.

dissolve into me sitting in a room. i am surfing the internet, reading a guestbook. i realize it is a guestbook for anele, mostly men hitting on her or inferring sexual innuendoes. i laugh knowing i am one of the few. still, shock settles in. i look at different peoples entries and realize a lot of people i know within the blogging community are responding. i find her url (i remember it being based on a pet name i used to call her, ihanaihana or something) and i go to her website. there is a headshot of her there, the background is a light olive green. she appears to be wearing a white t-shirt and the necklace she gave me. she is visibly licking her teeth. entry underneath picture is something along the lines of “i miss him”.


yasmine bleeth is with me. we are lovers. i get the sense of a “zelda” dungeon, which is probably because i played zelda for quite a bit last night. i feel anxious. more definitely went on, but i have since forgotten it due to not writing it down right away. i will post more if i remember.


i am in a bar that seems familiar. i am on top floor talking to the bartender about other bars in area, i keep trying to remember a name of one. we cannot come up with it. there is a neon sign that keeps blinking, i can hear it.

i go downstairs and sit down with some women. a few i know, most i don’t. i talk to allison. a few regulars argue with me and they attack. i defend myself well, and hurt them quite bad.

management approaches me. she is an older woman that looks like kim campbell (? – first woman prime minister). she tells me that i must leave for causing trouble. i agree that it’s not my fault, but to no avail. women agree to leave with me.

i decide to leave but can’t find my coat. i look for it for a long time, asking people if they’ve seen it. it seems hopeless, but i don’t panic. there is something important inside the right pocket. i never find it. fade to black.


repeat sense through all dreams – there are many tonight. feeling comfortable but lost. sometimes in a forest. sometimes swimming in large body of water. i am looking for something, but i don’t know what. i never find it. repeat again.

Swimming in Hallways

i am swimming down a corridor that is filled with water. floating in the water are large logs. i avoid hitting them. things seem well lit while i explore. doors line the hallways, but i know which one i am swimming to. i find the door i want and open it and erin is inside naked. i proceed.


it’s day. i’m driving in a fast car. it’s white out, but not cold. i am driving by a mall and miss the entrance. the mall looks like promenade, or maybe the mall on steeles out east from yonge street. i ram into reverse gear and do a stuntman type turn to get into parking lot.


i am in room 126, it looks the same. i’m with anele. the bed creaks like it normally does and i am happy and ignorant. we lie in each others arms and fall asleep.