Ghosts At Church

i’m driving a car. it’s late evening and jason and hazel are in the car with me. i’m pulling into a parking lot, and its asphalt has been broken up leaving only a dirt path in. there is activity in the church, but nothing is very clear when i peer into the windows as i pass by. blurs of movement reveal nothing, but i am unconcerned.

we drive into the back parking lot that is not very large, but has a feeling of vastness. i don’t notice if there are any other cars. my view and focus are on the houses that surround the perimeter of the church and parking lot.

still in the parking lot i drive in the opposite direction of the church. jason tells me how there is ghost here and that it’s been haunting for years. i reply in jest, and he argues still that this is the truth. there is doubt in my voice as i look around. jason tells me to be careful, otherwise his sister will get scared. i look at hazel in the back as she peers out the window, her eyes full of curiosity and agitation with the situation at hand.

i look back to the right, and see light in one of the back windows of a house. the light isn’t clear – it’s like the soft blue glow that a television gives off, its shades and contrast transforming the light as each image changes. there is a silhouette blocking the light, peering at us.

“is that the ghost?”, i question. there is neither confirmation or denial. i look closer at the figure. it feels like i’ve been driving by for hours. the figure seems to be looking back at me. the silhouette appears to be male. as i stare at him, his features seem to come into focus, while still being unclear. his hand is above his eyes, as if to get a better look at his. he seems transparent, his stare penetrating. he is old with ice blue eyes, white hair and a fine beard. he stands half naked.

i drive far enough so it appears he can’t see us. i turn the car around and approach his line of vision again slowly. for some reason i am doubtful that he knows we are there, even though i saw him looking at us. i test this by travelling back and forth, and yet his gaze continues to be upon us. i drive forward and pick up speed, in the direction of the church again. i am worried.

i bring up my camera in front of my face (which just happens to be in my hand) and peer at the window. there is no man. there is no light. just blackness within. i pull the camera away and what was once there is gone. i am frightened.

i pull into a parking space and hazel bounces out of the car and skips into the church seemingly without a care in the world. jason follows in after her as i stare at the window. i turn the car off, exit the vehicle and proceed in after them.

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Biking from the Airport

i get of an airplane onto the the tarmac of an airport. alex walks out behind me. i get the feeling that we just watched an awesome concert or perhaps a movie.

we are greeted with fellows that have bicycles. we hop on them, and proceed out of the airport. the path eventually leads itself into a rolling grassland type area, where the winds are blowing 6 foot high grass in the direction we are riding. the paths are muddy and zig and zag and go up and down.

alex mentions getting tired, but we keep going until we hit a village that reminds me of those european villages you see on those world championship rally television shows on speedvision. we pull into a driveway, that has a large tree over it, almost like a canopy. we are greeting by alex’s parents, who tell us to come in. they request that alex put the bikes away, which alex does. as the bikes are being put away they look at me and mention how goofy we all are. i nod and we all laugh.

Jungle Gym

it is night in a small college west chester-esque town. i end up leaving whatever party i’m at and walk down the street. it is very dark outside, but i don’t take time to notice whether the moon is out or not.

people are rushing by, but i don’t know why. i don’t look to see where they are going, i don’t ask either. i see a children’s playground in the distance. i walk over to it, and climb on top of the jungle gym, looking over the people rushing by.

i reach into my pocket and pull out a blue box. opening the box, i see there are cigarettes inside. i pick one out, and put it to my mouth. i light it, i inhale.

one person comes out of the rushing crowd and asks me for a smoke. i open the blue box and pull out a green colored cigarette. i offer it to him, and he accepts. he silently sits at the bottom of the gym, smoking his green cigarette.

another man walks out of the crowd and approaches us and asks me for a smoke. i open the blue box and pull out a red colored cigarette. i offer it to him, and he accepts. he lights it up, and then asks me for the whole box. he gets closer with an angry look growing on his face. the man with the green cigarette walks up to the now angry latecomer and blows smoke in his face which proceeds to freeze him. the frozen man still looks angry, while the green smoker motions for me to walk away. i do.

Carnival Doctor

night time at first. i’m in front of a castle type place. i’m looking for someone that can perform an operation on my friend. i go inside and and am led by a strange looking fellow through a bunch of L type corridors to a room.

in the room there is a carnival atmosphere, while still being very dark (evil carnival) . a big guy (he looks like billy ray cyrus without a mullet) and explains how he can do the operation. there are lots of medical type diagrams and pictures on the walls. i accept and go to work to tell friend about operation.

transition into daytime. i get second thoughts about, begin to freak out and tell friend (who turns out to be jason) to hide because billy ray is coming. for some reason scudder is there and is giving me dirty looks. i also notice there are 5 other people there.

we all hide under desks, but billy ray finds us because he sees jason. i end up explaining that i really didn’t see his credentials. he admits that it would be his first operation of this type. he ends up leaving, but jason tells me that he thinks billy ray can do it.

scudder and company (one of them looks like chris decena) leave through the back of office. decena is angry and starts kicking walls. i can see from inside, as panel are half metal (bottom half) and half glass. he kicks one of the panels which is loose and it falls and hits the side of his arm and rips it in half (very graphic). as it happens i remember saying “god damn!” people freak out and bring him to the hospital.

i go to hospital to check on decena. it is the same castle building and it is nighttime again. i notice that it reminds me of the exorcist for some reason. inside it is dark and i find out that a psycho killer is on the loose, so i hide in room that has lots of junk in it – i hide under wood and linen drapes. for some reason, i can see if anyone is coming.

most of the dream i am not worried except at the end and when inside carnival doctors room.

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Website Links

first person view and surfing the internet. i am looking over lilduckie’s website, and she has links to interpol’s stuff, which i click on and laugh, because it all seems very laughable.

i go back to LD’s website and find various links to anele websites, with ferrets and pictures and paypal entrances that i manage to get in no problem, despite not paying. i am distressed, but feel distant, edging on uninterested.

Strangers at Home

i am in my house in toronto, @ chelwood. it seems larger than regular. it is daytime, but this seem dark – the lights are all off and it seems like it is overcast outside.

i suddenly switch to outside the house, look at it from the front. the garage door is open, and i walk in and up the steps to the hallway leading into the house. i see movement inside, but i don’t feel uneasy. i see some shadows moving near the spiral staircase and i call out.

like a little imp keith steger pops out, hanging from the balcony banister and makes his presence known. he greets me and seems happy to see me. i inquire as to how he got in the house and he explain how she got them into the house, hacking some type of codes into the automatic garage opener.

i ask who “she” is, and he leads my upstairs through the master bedroom to the bay window and points outside into the backyard. i look outside and i see jill sobule sunbathing.