Strangers at Home

i am in my house in toronto, @ chelwood. it seems larger than regular. it is daytime, but this seem dark – the lights are all off and it seems like it is overcast outside.

i suddenly switch to outside the house, look at it from the front. the garage door is open, and i walk in and up the steps to the hallway leading into the house. i see movement inside, but i don’t feel uneasy. i see some shadows moving near the spiral staircase and i call out.

like a little imp keith steger pops out, hanging from the balcony banister and makes his presence known. he greets me and seems happy to see me. i inquire as to how he got in the house and he explain how she got them into the house, hacking some type of codes into the automatic garage opener.

i ask who “she” is, and he leads my upstairs through the master bedroom to the bay window and points outside into the backyard. i look outside and i see jill sobule sunbathing.

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