Creatures and Phone Calls

i am in megan’s house, but it’s not her house. i walk down the hallway and see some strange looking creature that looks someone like a badger, but with a weird duck / platypus type face. in his mouth he is carrying something that looks like a dead squirrel, while he dances on a pile of dead carcasses that also look like squirrels.

i walk passed the strange badger creature into the kitchen. inside megan is doing some type of kitchen stuff, preparing some type of food. a cartoon mouse runs in the door, wearing jean overalls, and has a straw coming out of his mouse, looking like a country hick farmer. he is also wearing glasses. he hops on the counter, and then on top of the shelves, and winks at me.

i tell megan, “did you see that?” while pointing at the cartoon mouse. she looks at me and says, “sure, that’s juice.”. then i look back down the hallway and point to the strange badger creature and ask megan “and do you see that?”. she looks at me again and in an of-course-i-do voice tells me “yeah.”.

i walk into the living room area which has a large stone fireplace. the floor is flooded and mandy is trying to help clean up. mandy looks at me and says “we’ll, i’m going to stay here until everything is finished because it seems like people here aren’t helping.”. she then walks into the next room and i follow, asking what she meant by that comment, and i see that chris is sitting on one of those inflatable aero beds. i wave and he tells me what’s up. i turn around because i figure chris and mandy want to be alone.

as i walk back into the living room area i hear the phone ring, and chris catches up to me telling me that the call is for me. i pick up and say hello, but it’s all static so i walk around the house trying to get some good reception. i can’t really hear anything, but i can make out someone saying “fuck you,” and “i know that you’re trying to get it on with my girl.”.

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