Water Vortex

driving along country road, where people are talking about bridge jumping.  my unknown companion keeps reassuring people that he’ll jump.  we get to a bridge and there’s a huge water vortex underneath it.  we al agree that this is fucking crazy.

i get to ryans’ run, alex drives up in my car.  he asks where the hell i’ve been because he’s been calling me.  everyone has been calling me he says.  i apologize and check my phone and jump in the car, ready to go.  dad comes out and gets all pissed at us and says we can’t drive the car.  he says something like “why should i get three cars if you guys just do anything?”  i leave the car and go inside, not sure what’s going on.

dad isn’t home, i look around neighbourhood.  i find him across the street.  i’m asking if something is wrong, he resists but i tell him “c’mon, i want to know, i want to help”.  he apologizes for not saying anything and for telling us not to use the car, he says somethings wrong with it and it’s his fault; he installed something wrong.  i ask him where alex is and he tells me that alex is down the road.

i meet up with alex and he ain’t even mad, we’re just like what the fuck is going on.