The Second Twin

i’m in a big terminal.  i’m waiting for the shuttle train to the final part of the airport/train.  i see the second twin in the distance.

the shuttle train arrives but there are huge lines to get on.  i’m carrying my usual luggage, and barely get on, but it’s on the last car, which is smaller than the rest and has a different layout.  strangely enough, there aren’t many people on this car.

the train arrives at the new terminal.  i walk around for awhile.  i see the second twin again.  i’m drawn in, and decide to loop around to get a closer look.  as i walk by, i realize it’s definitely her.  our eyes lock, i smile, but continue to walk.  i turn the corner and put my baggage down.

a little while later she comes by and sits down beside me.  we start talking about the old times.  at one point she starts crying, and i tell her it’s okay.  christy hugs me and cries some more.  no one else notices.

a few days later, i get a text that says “thank you”.  i call her, she’s at work, she thanks me again and i thank her.  we talk, and i smile.