Muskets and Duct Tape

brad, jeff and i are doing something.  a knock on the backdoor– we check it out and people want to break in, a male and female.  we tell them that if they get in brad will bring out his guns.  they do manage to get in, so brad brings out this big old school musket, and they relent and retreat.  jeff hands me some duct tape, says “duct tape”, then leaves the room with brad.  i try to seal the door again, but the robber couple return, manage to break in after some time and take me hostage.

at some point i flashback into an earlier “memory” of the couple; we are walking a large area and everyone seems to recognize the couple and wants the female to sing.  she begins, and the whole area turns into some kind of modern type newsies musical.  the female and i consummate.

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