The Survey

Driving around on a motorcycle, back and forth on a stretch of unused highway.  End up in a gravel parking lot and meet my friend Jason, who is a motorcycle enthusiast.  We catch up, talk about old times and enter a building.  The inside looks like our old office firm.

Inside I am in charge of giving out surveys.  The process involves answering a few questions, drinking a glass of flavored water, spitting the water back into a cup which is collected.  The people who took the test were as follows:  Unknown Male (possible Jason, but not sure), Unknown Female, Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen.  First two surveyors were complaint, Viggo was suspect but didn’t want much trouble and didn’t see much harm after I reassured everyone that the information would not go beyond the firm that had hired me, but Naomi was very defiant and annoyed that I had brought her here, as a friend, to do a survey, which seemed shady.

The questions on the survey were in regards to an experience involving a piece of land.

Viggo ate a baked fish, and we all laughed.

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