empty wine bottles

in an octagonal room walled with bookshelves, with the sparse amount of books situated on the top shelves. i tried fitting other books in on the lower shelves alternating them with empty wine bottles. the rooms and hallways were bathed in a soft custard glow. i couldn’t finish organizing.

i meandered into another room and watched nick clean a small coffee table. he wore a red glove on his right hand while he dusted he with his left and a small cloth; at point he switched to his gloves home with the cloth still in his right and i noticed how picked up more dirt with care and detail.

moving off into the final room i laid down on an awkward couch in an equally awkward position with my legs elevated in an upward position. she seemed softer, more attentive and younger, and explained how she still wanted to be there despite there being no future. she wore a grey tank top and blue sweatpants. she sat across my legs and further explained of wanting to show what was possible but only wanting to give a small taste. she used a calculator and subtracted. it equaled out in a bathroom.

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