Feb 03


hey guys. help me out?

go here:


try to get in. it should be easy, don’t give up!

if you need help, leave a comment. if you get it, leave a comment!

your help is much appreciated.

Feb 03


it floated amidst the lights that beamed within the overwhelming darkness. its translucent soap-slick skin glistened and reflected against the ever changing glow. decibels rose and seemed to make it rise higher, and thousands of faces cheered it on. oh tiny bubble, how i admire you.

i was extremely hungry when i got back. i wasn’t able to finish my food earlier that evening, so i feasted on the remaining half of a cold burger and equally cold cheese fries. the cheddar had consolidated into a light orange block around the processed potato making it seem like i was eating chunks of potato cheese. so unhealthy and so cold – but i was hungry. i dined on my midnight snack thinking of nothing and everything, and wondering when i would fall asleep.

the smell of smoke was all around me, tempting me. people danced like bafoons around me, and the people in front of me made fun of them all. i recorded a wave, and i laughed. i said no to cigarettes and i was proud.


Feb 03


okay, so i got an exilim. it’s tiny and portable, and takes good pictures. just what i wanted (emphasis on tiny and portable).

there was a second where i thought i broke my fingers. the right latch on my hood hasn’t really been grabbing that tight lately, and with the winds gusting at great speeds the other day i could see it lifting my hood up in a violent manner. thoughts of a real life tommy boy situation poured in and made me nervous, so i pulled off the highway (behind a few other people that were checking out their cars as well, interesting) to see what i could do. not paying attention, i slammed the door on my right hand. the door actually closed and locked. i stared at my hand for a second and cursed several times inside my head and opened up the door. most of it was caught in the door’s rubber seal, but it still hurt a whole damn lot. a day later they don’t feel broken and it doesn’t hurt much beyond soreness… but maybe i should check it out. at least i got the right side of my hood to latch down properly.

oh, and what the hell (mp3). it’s me singing at 1 in the morning and i’m a bit out of tune, but it’s alright.