it floated amidst the lights that beamed within the overwhelming darkness. its translucent soap-slick skin glistened and reflected against the ever changing glow. decibels rose and seemed to make it rise higher, and thousands of faces cheered it on. oh tiny bubble, how i admire you.

i was extremely hungry when i got back. i wasn’t able to finish my food earlier that evening, so i feasted on the remaining half of a cold burger and equally cold cheese fries. the cheddar had consolidated into a light orange block around the processed potato making it seem like i was eating chunks of potato cheese. so unhealthy and so cold – but i was hungry. i dined on my midnight snack thinking of nothing and everything, and wondering when i would fall asleep.

the smell of smoke was all around me, tempting me. people danced like bafoons around me, and the people in front of me made fun of them all. i recorded a wave, and i laughed. i said no to cigarettes and i was proud.


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  1. i’m happy for you.

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