okay, so i got an exilim. it’s tiny and portable, and takes good pictures. just what i wanted (emphasis on tiny and portable).

there was a second where i thought i broke my fingers. the right latch on my hood hasn’t really been grabbing that tight lately, and with the winds gusting at great speeds the other day i could see it lifting my hood up in a violent manner. thoughts of a real life tommy boy situation poured in and made me nervous, so i pulled off the highway (behind a few other people that were checking out their cars as well, interesting) to see what i could do. not paying attention, i slammed the door on my right hand. the door actually closed and locked. i stared at my hand for a second and cursed several times inside my head and opened up the door. most of it was caught in the door’s rubber seal, but it still hurt a whole damn lot. a day later they don’t feel broken and it doesn’t hurt much beyond soreness… but maybe i should check it out. at least i got the right side of my hood to latch down properly.

oh, and what the hell (mp3). it’s me singing at 1 in the morning and i’m a bit out of tune, but it’s alright.

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