Apr 03


anyone with a mac (preferably os x) must play enigmo. i downloaded it yesterday, and passed much of the day watching droplets of water, oil and fire bounce every which way. an appreciated distraction, no diggity.

i’d like to write about my weekend, but i feel like i don’t know what happened. i spent a lot of it sleeping in and being tired when i wasn’t sleeping. every night i managed to consume some sort of alcohol. i barely touched my own computer – whenever i happened to be in front of one, it wasn’t my own. i sawed trees (is that right? sawed trees?) and other random wood things, and spent several hours contemplating whether i should wash my car. i didn’t of course; instead i played silly games and watched movies with my little sister. can’t believe she’ll be 5 soon. amazing.

i hate getting one paycheck a month. ugh.

Apr 03


and, i find myself lusting after someone that i really don’t know, who doesn’t know me, someone oh so far away. there would be no real way to get to know each other with the current set of variables – even with long, exciting and cerebral conversations – not without being in person and experiencing the intimate nods of a yes in agreement, or the gentle caress of a comfortable and drawn out moment of silence.

but, it is lust after all. maybe if it lasts longer, if it lasts with the gentle shake of time, then maybe. possibility.

in the meantime i will walk slowly, tread quietly, for the heart can be a gentle and fragile thing – dropped too many times within a certain amount of time and it may prove to be too difficult to mend.

yoga yesterday: kicked my ass. sure, some of my friends laughed and heckled me with taunts of “that is so gay”, “man, that is really gay” and “dude, gay!” but that doesn’t matter. i wasn’t going to knock something that i had no real experience with, especially since it genuinely interests me. and like i said, it kicked my ass. i was a little worried when i read people saying that it definitely wasn’t for beginners (like myself) but care convinced that should i keep at it, that i would easily get used to it.

it’s new and it will take time, but i think i like it. i think i can be all about something that incubates thoughts of good health, good body, good mind.

Apr 03


alex continues to complain about kano, and i continue to tell him that a swift uppercut in the crotch area streetfighter style would solve all of his problems.

i have to imagine that while the concept of this is quite hilarious, any type of effort of doing this in real life would probably reap quite a few negative consequences.

i am eagerly waiting for this work day to end, so that i can go home and use my new yoga dvd (thank you care!) and the watch spirited away. i had actually been meaning to watch SA yesterday, but i ended up intoxicating myself with smoke and alcohol, socializing with the wilmington hippie crowd and dancing the rest of the evening away. even though it was fun, it’s time for a recharge: lock my door, crawl under the covers and let miyazaki take me once again on that wonderful adventure.