salary has begun at work again.

even though my previous rate was (mostly, +or-) at $25 an hour, i am happy to be back.

salary is good.

at the previous pay structure (which lasted exactly a year) it was very rare that i would make what my previous salary was and i had to resort to more dubious methods in order to make ends meet. use your imagination. but don’t use it too much.

on saturday there was a party at my house. music was blasting in three different rooms, people were everywhere and i was fucking tired (and man, i really wanted to play zelda). i was up at around 10 that morning and i did not get to bed until 10 the following day. i slept for about 9 hours, woke up just in time for simpsons (around 7:45pm to be exact). i proceeded to play zelda until 7 in the morning, went to work and stayed there in a haze until about 6:30pm. i went home and noticed that the alarm system wasn’t working and mentioned this to a—. he replied that his window was fucked up but doubted that that had anything to do with it. i went to his room and proceeded to occupy the next hour fixing his window (which did not fix the alarm system by the way).

and then i crashed. around 8 or 9.

i dreamed of my my GBA SP being all fucked up and that i could understand what dogs were saying.

sometimes i get upset that i had the opportunity to buy for about 2 years, but i never could scrounge up enough money back then. i look at what’s there now and wonder what kind of cool stuff i could have put there.

not that it’s not cool now. just that i had the opportunity.

eventually i just become sullen and attempt to look up available domain names, as if buying another domain might fix my demented sense of loss, even though i already own 4, one of which i don’t really use that much but should should because it’s neat sounding.

here is a list i made yesterday of ones that didn’t work for me, but might for you if you just happen to be in the market for a domain (they are all .com’s because when i’m so fucking picky like that):

you may notice a lot of un’s. you may have also begun to realize how seriously wrong this is (look: loss, perverse, petty).

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  1. fucking livejournal.

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