2:58 AM: email #1


that was a great letter! i know that i definitely appreciate what you’ve written and shared with us, and i’m betting that dad and mieziele will also totally appreciate it.

i just want to say that i think you are doing great, and i know that our whole family is proud of you, and i’m proud to be your sister!

you did great and stuck to your guns! you never gave up and you should proud of what you have, and what you will accomplish.

okay, this a probably way dorky sounding coming from me, so i’ll stop while i’m ahead. :)

be calm and cool! i love you!

your loving brother,


3:02 AM: email #2

did i really say that? hAhAhA

i think it’s supposed to go “and i’m proud to be your brother!”, or “and i’m proud to have you as my sister!”

hah, i’ll probably hear about this one for months.

love you all,


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