baaaaaa do dee da de do baaaaaa do dee da de do baaaaaa do dee da de do.

thought: snickers ice cream cone

names and dates on a post-it note.

anne – may 19

meg – may 22

katharine – may 22

mom – june 1

joe – june 6

alex – june 7

leyla – june 8

mieziele – june 24

last 10 songs played: (song, artist, album)

unkle main title theme, unkle, psyence fiction

maetl, autechre, incunabula

saints & sinners, pushin too hard, dirty trancing

second bad vilbel, autechre, tri repetae++

capitan nemo/escape, various artists, five star galaxy part two

how will i know, cousteau, cousteau

better?, propellerheads, decksanddrumsandrockandroll

tension 2, blue man group, audio

cosmonaut, capitol k, sounds of the empire

tnt, tortoise, tnt

lack of sleep again last night, a possible 13 hour sleep session tonight.

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