yikes, i am dangerously low on spendable cash and find myself constantly juggling numbers in my head. work is making my brain melt into a soppy, yellow liquid, which wants to drain out of every available orifice in my head. not feeling particularly tired since i did manage to get a big chunk of sleep last night, but the rash of warm – strike that – hot days has made me lethargic and yearning for a cold room to pass out in.

i find it interesting that a few of of my caucasian female friends, including my girlfriend(?), tan and enjoy it to a certain degree; being someone of filipino descent has blessed/cursed me with a year round tan, and while i don’t find anything wrong with tanning in any way, the idea of me staying out in the sun for prolonged periods of time to specifically get darker is in no way appealing. in fact, i tend to slink away from standing out in the sun as much as possible. although i enjoy sunlight thoroughly, having all that light beating incessantly down on me actually makes me kind of uncomfortable.

oh, and i am incredibly bored.

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