a clock ticks. a buzzer rings. my mind sits up and gets ready for work, but my body continues to lay limp under the covers. hot waters slip and slide down me, bubbles clean. fresh clean clothes smell good. the sun is out; where are my sunglasses? oh, they are at her house – that’s cool – i have another pair in my car. the air is fresh. a smile across of my face. thoughts of her. water is sweet. my hands aren’t shaking. traffic is cruising. construction is nil. it isn’t raining. the car is running smoothly and i’ve got 1000 miles before my next oil change.

i can appreciate when things are going well. i’d like to grab a piece of it and hide it away for a rainy day.

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  1. “Where has the inspiration gone”, thats what I just figured out I should be wondering. Looks like you might be wondering. An absence of the previous has been noted for the past 10 months. I wonder where I should look next.

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