my brain tickles on velutinous, my body searing on apogee. i’ve been riding on a buzz that just won’t let me go, but it’s not like i have a round trip ticket back home. smells permeate off my body, reminding me, cajoling me to appease my ideas and thoughts, to bring me back where i feel safe and desired.

cruising on an endless road i laugh in hysterical wonder at what lady luck has brought me.

can it be true?

can it be real?

i’ll always question it, i’ll always ponder. that’s just my nature. not the direct act itself, not the feelings or the senses that overwhelm me, but rather the blurry future that it offers. i know it’s authentic – it reeks of genuine – but even then i find it surreally amazing. i always will, even if it doesn’t happen to me.

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