Oct 03


i’ve noticed that there are a lot of people knitting! stupendous! i need a new scarf – well, not really but a new one would be simply shnazzy!

this morning’s obsessions with looking for halloween adventures beyond the exhausted “haunted hayrides” led me to a few interesting websites (1 2 3). i’d want to hit a few of these places (especially ESP) but i’m not sure how long listening to sappy ghost stories and dealing with the usual predictable scare tactics can maintain my interest. i discussed with jason if he’d rather just exploring some interesting “freaky” places, which eventually steered our conversation to chippewa lake park which is an old abandoned amusement park. having been closed since it’s 100th anniversary sometime in the 1970’s has left it in a frightening state of disarray, not to mention being at the mercy of vandals and arsonists. since it’s in the middle of nowhere it’s probably a safe place, but its very exiting to think what adventures might procure exploring such a place in the dead of night!

if you are interesting in learning and seeing picture of other abandoned amusement parks, check some out here.

my carpal tunnel has been acting up. regular use of my GBA SP and playing FFTA is probably the main culprit – having less than stellar discipline when it comes to playing a fantastic game only a few minutes instead of several hours a sessions probably doesn’t help either.

Oct 03


bah. i feel like i have nothing to say, which probably isn’t too far from the truth.

i’ve been waiting on stuff.

there was some killer deal with dreamhost, which of course wasn’t available to current customers, but i applied anyway. everything seems to have gone through, but i’m probably gonna sit on it for a week before i kill the old plan.

there are several projects that i’m working on in the work department, but the clients are taking forever to get me the things that i need. i’m willing to bet a substantial amount of money that once they finally get something to me they are going to want everything done by the next day. typical.

the girl is starting her own business. everything seems to be rolling forward which is awesome because this is her dream. i’m really happy for her, but in the back of mind i’m waiting for the period of time when she is super busy with the overlap of the new business and her old job – and thus not being able to see her much at all, if ever – so we can just get it over with.

i’m waiting on several ebay auctions. i shouldn’t be spending money, but mint and factory sealed copies of secret of mana and chrono trigger is too much of a temptation for me to resist.

but enough about waiting.