Nov 03


the sound of a heart breaking is the bloodiest sound of all.

no, not mine.

but just the thought of it makes me sad.

but there are number of breakups within my spacial environment, which makes me wary about the stability of relationships in general. while i relish everything from the absolutely mindblowing great times to the heart wrenching (and often frustrating) tough times, the relationship in general is what makes everything worthwhile – especially with a great partner.

now, due to my most previous relationship (and eventual messy breakup), and now having found someone i am dangerously found of, i think a heart break would be beyond bloody – i’d be devestated.

bah, look at me. i’ve babbled much more than i intended to, but i’m hoping you get it’s not my heart that has been broken. but let’s agree to send out well wishes to all mending hearts out there, that they might mend quickly and with the least amount of pain possible.

man, that was sappy. :)

Nov 03


often i find the time

to look deep inside

and know that at the end

you are always there

sweet precious dear

soothing floating

within a sea of hush

tranquility you bring

to my troubled mind

and heavy heart

so believe me when

muttered from my lips

i’d enjoy being

anywhere as long

as it’s with you

sweet precious dear

Nov 03


it waved across me, making insinuations and revealing truths. i couldn’t comprehend it at first, its writhing and screeching, its sound of a thousand sirens infecting my eardrums in bizarre ways. not bizarre in how it infected me, but bizarre in how it made me feel – like a worm saturated with rain water, unaware that it would soon would be shriveled on hot black asphalt the day after. i climbed out of this primordial awareness, completely phased and no longer oriented to what i knew previous.

blow by blow and step by step it dripped off of me reeking of foolishness and pride, staining the ground i walked into a black swamp, festering like mucus, decay and carrion. i stumbled in the knowing, not seeing past the darkness, clawing through the drench. it became tiresome; my legs flooded with lactic acid burning and searing, prying pain into muscle sinew and bone.

and there she was, relief in a blinding desert. i crawled into her comfort and everything melted away. she made it alright despite my intentions, and i subsided in the cradle of her unrelenting asylum.