the sound of a heart breaking is the bloodiest sound of all.

no, not mine.

but just the thought of it makes me sad.

but there are number of breakups within my spacial environment, which makes me wary about the stability of relationships in general. while i relish everything from the absolutely mindblowing great times to the heart wrenching (and often frustrating) tough times, the relationship in general is what makes everything worthwhile – especially with a great partner.

now, due to my most previous relationship (and eventual messy breakup), and now having found someone i am dangerously found of, i think a heart break would be beyond bloody – i’d be devestated.

bah, look at me. i’ve babbled much more than i intended to, but i’m hoping you get it’s not my heart that has been broken. but let’s agree to send out well wishes to all mending hearts out there, that they might mend quickly and with the least amount of pain possible.

man, that was sappy. :)

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