latest browser conclusions

in an ongoing battle to keep my web browsing experience as pleasant as possible, i’ve come across several conclusions over the past couple of months:

internet explorer – fucking ditch it. for mac and pc. see what happens when you don’t have any competition?

firefox – without a doubt the best browser running around for the pc. it’s open source nature has made it an emerging player on the field, and it has certainly made quite a few people turn their heads. build with security in mind, it still manages to bring up web sites quickly while removing many of the annoying quicks of the internet that we have all learned to despise. with the endless expandability of extensions and themes it’s looking like firefox has a bright future. the bookmark synchronizer extension alone is worth the price of admission, especially if you use many computers.

safari – still my browser of choice for the mac, although there have many times where i’ve considered moving exclusively to firefox just because of its ability as a “customizable” browser experience. however, one major thing has prevented me from fully turning (of course there are also a few minor quibbles, but they are minor) and that is the most wonderful saft plug-in for safari. a few features off the top of my head: searchable history and bookmarks, url shortcuts, full-screen browsing, and best of all – it automatically saves and restores opened browser windows at quit and start-up, with tabs (god damn, that’s fucking hot)! for safari-heads, a must have!

what a long way we’ve come from the days of netscape navigator, mosiac and lynx.