Carnival Doctor

night time at first. i’m in front of a castle type place. i’m looking for someone that can perform an operation on my friend. i go inside and and am led by a strange looking fellow through a bunch of L type corridors to a room.

in the room there is a carnival atmosphere, while still being very dark (evil carnival) . a big guy (he looks like billy ray cyrus without a mullet) and explains how he can do the operation. there are lots of medical type diagrams and pictures on the walls. i accept and go to work to tell friend about operation.

transition into daytime. i get second thoughts about, begin to freak out and tell friend (who turns out to be jason) to hide because billy ray is coming. for some reason scudder is there and is giving me dirty looks. i also notice there are 5 other people there.

we all hide under desks, but billy ray finds us because he sees jason. i end up explaining that i really didn’t see his credentials. he admits that it would be his first operation of this type. he ends up leaving, but jason tells me that he thinks billy ray can do it.

scudder and company (one of them looks like chris decena) leave through the back of office. decena is angry and starts kicking walls. i can see from inside, as panel are half metal (bottom half) and half glass. he kicks one of the panels which is loose and it falls and hits the side of his arm and rips it in half (very graphic). as it happens i remember saying “god damn!” people freak out and bring him to the hospital.

i go to hospital to check on decena. it is the same castle building and it is nighttime again. i notice that it reminds me of the exorcist for some reason. inside it is dark and i find out that a psycho killer is on the loose, so i hide in room that has lots of junk in it – i hide under wood and linen drapes. for some reason, i can see if anyone is coming.

most of the dream i am not worried except at the end and when inside carnival doctors room.

** (dream is after a night of drinking and during first night in NYC)

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