Apr 03


closing my eyes i see my young self biking around the neighborhood without a care in the world. my friends and i would race against the wind like speed demons, shouting at the top of our lungs and celebrating a carefree attitude that we had no idea would eventually disappear once we all got older. the melting sun would run its vibrant red yellow purple and blue across the sky, a perpetual sunset hanging over us that made it seem like the day would never end.

i guess when you’re that young, you think everything lasts forever.

Apr 03


oh, i am so behind on certain things.

i waited until the last second to deal with all my car stuff and the end of april is encroaching with such a frightening pace that is stifling any efforts on my part to think clearly about the subject. i need to get freakin’ PA state emission testing done, AND i need to somehow get my my plate tags renewed before april rolls over. i’m thinking i could drive over to the local auto tag store, but it seems so intimidating (most things dealing with cars seem so to me!) that i’m always at a loss of what to say when i go in there.

the consumption of alcohol has been on mind every night lately – its temptations have been beating at me and i have fallen to its calls almost 100%. let’s see… last wednesday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, yesterday wednesday, today thursday, definitely tomorrow and definitely this coming saturday. sunday is going to be my recharge day, so… with midas being closed on sunday that only leaves this coming monday, tuesday and wednesday for me to get all my car shit out of the way. bah!

(my god, i sound like such a lush! i’m not, i swear!)

work is work. lawyer stuff this, rich noonan stuff that, architect firm this and that. all mind-numbing and tedious things, ’nuff said!

all the boring stuff out of the way.

i am going to admit that for the most part i enjoy talking to members of the female gender more than males. i’ve often wondered why but haven’t really come to any conclusions; i figure go with the flow, right? sometimes i find it difficult though – even though i feel like i have the best intentions and pretty much just want to get to know that person better, i’m always analyzing the situation and often try to word things in such a way so that it doesn’t look or sound like i’m hitting on them. nothing clouds a good conversation like listening to someone through the “this person is just trying to get into my pants” filter. but could i be mistaken?

so what’s the deal ladies? if a man just starts randomly talking to you out of nowhere – whether it be online or offline – do you immediately think that they are trying to get their mack on?

i was going to write more, but i am spent. off to bed i go. more good, juicy and traumatic stuff coming soon – excellent!

Apr 03



stop and say, “what are you gonna do?”


just chill, and be like “it’ll be cool”


whatever, so let whatever happens, happen


if you don’t need to sweat it, then don’t


ask yourself “is it worth the aggravation?”


stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, and take the deepest breath you can

(in your nose, out your mouth)


LIFE has no meaning. YOU give it meaning. so whatever happens in life, YOU give it the meaning that you want so that it empowers you. (this is completely different from life doesn’t matter; realize the distinction because life does matter!)