it waved across me, making insinuations and revealing truths. i couldn’t comprehend it at first, its writhing and screeching, its sound of a thousand sirens infecting my eardrums in bizarre ways. not bizarre in how it infected me, but bizarre in how it made me feel – like a worm saturated with rain water, unaware that it would soon would be shriveled on hot black asphalt the day after. i climbed out of this primordial awareness, completely phased and no longer oriented to what i knew previous.

blow by blow and step by step it dripped off of me reeking of foolishness and pride, staining the ground i walked into a black swamp, festering like mucus, decay and carrion. i stumbled in the knowing, not seeing past the darkness, clawing through the drench. it became tiresome; my legs flooded with lactic acid burning and searing, prying pain into muscle sinew and bone.

and there she was, relief in a blinding desert. i crawled into her comfort and everything melted away. she made it alright despite my intentions, and i subsided in the cradle of her unrelenting asylum.

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